Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Tag: Starling Bank

Starling Bank prepares business account upgrade

UK-based digital bank Starling has announced its plans to allow businesses to switch to Starling using the Current Account Switch Service. Read more:

Starling, Anorak partner to offer consumers access to life insurance advice

UK-based challenger bank Starling has partnered with digital life insurance platform Anorak, adding the InsurTech solution to Staling Marketplace. Read more

Starling reportedly partners with RBS for new secret project

UK challenger Bank Starling has reportedly formed a partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland on a secret project. Read more:

Starling Bank debuts current accounts for 16 & 17 year olds...

Digital challenger bank Starling Bank announced on Thursday the launch of its current accounts specifically for 16 and 17-year-olds. Read more:

Raisin UK, Starling partner to improve consumer savings

Online savings marketplace Raisin UK has formed a partnership with Starling Bank to improve customer experiences and access to better interest rates. Read more:

Money Dashboard integrates personal finance service with Starling

Personal finance app Money Dashboard has partnered with Starling Bank, making full use of the open banking initiative which launched at the start of the year. Read more:

Starling Bank flips the debit card on its head

Starling Bank is working to upend the payments card, flipping the card to a vertical axis and doing away with embossed numbering. Read more:

Plum integrates chatbot solution with Monzo, Starling Bank through Open Banking

Personal finance chatbot company Plum announces support for challenger banks Monzo and Starling Bank, through the use of Open Banking. Read more:

Corporate Fintech is coming of age

Soldo, the London-based FinTech solving the challenge of automating, earlier this year announced an integration with Starling Bank. Read More:

Starling streamlines joint account process with proximity tech

Digital bank Starling Bank has launched a new feature to streamline the process of creating joint accounts without ever having to visit a UK bank branch.  Read more: