Thursday, August 16, 2018
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Tag: Thailand

Korean crypto giant Bithumb eyes Japan and Thailand for expansion

Bithumb is awaiting the approval of Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) and Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Read more:

Thailand is planning a ‘bond coin’

A self-regulatory organization in Thailand is planning to create a custom token aimed to speed up corporate bond settlement in the country. Read more:

Thailand’s securities firms plan to launch a cryptocurrency exchange

The association of securities firms in Thailand is reportedly planning to jointly launch a new cryptocurrency exchange amid growing investor interest. Read more:

Thai Bank pilots cross-border transaction using blockchain

Thailand's Bank of Ayudhya successfully piloted a cross-border transaction using its own blockchain interledger, it announced Tuesday. Read more:

Thai SEC consultant ‘hopes’ authorities reconsider tax

Thai SEC tech consultant admits the necessity of reconsidering the country’s digital asset tax framework introduced in late March. Read more:

Thailand nears rules regarding Cryptocurrency and ICOs

Thailand may launch new rules governing ICOs and cryptocurrencies. This is according to a report in the Bangkok Post today referencing government officials. Read more:

Vitalik Buterin engages in ‘fruitful’ discussions with Thailand SEC

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin is meeting with officials at Thailand’s Securities Exchange Commission to discuss the future of his platform and the OmiseGo token. Read more:

Omise partners Thai government on KYC program

Thailand could soon figure among the earliest countries to officially implement blockchain technology. Read more:

Thailand Central Bank asks banks to avoid Crypto

The Central Bank of Thailand tells all banks in the country to stay away from cryptocurrencies until a regulatory framework is, Read more:

Six countries form special FinTech network in Asia

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has formed a fintech network to encourage cross-border collaboration. Read More: