Saturday, August 24, 2019
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JPMorgan wants to use blockchain to issue ICO tokens

American investment banking giant JPMorgan Chase is pursuing a patent for a distributed system that uses blockchain technology to issue ICO tokens. Read more:

$42 million in crypto is now being airdropped to NEO investors

The second half of the Neo Council's airdrop of ONT tokens is finishing up. Now NEP-5 ONT holders need to migrate to Ontology's "mainnet". Read more:

Why do South Korean crypto exchanges only list a few tokens?

Many investors, especially traders outside of the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange market, remain curious as to why local cryptocurrency exchanges like Bithumb, Read more:

Cryptocurrency trading platform Tokens raises $15m in ICO

Cryptocurrency trading platform Tokens has raised $15m in an ICO from 1,799 contributors. Read more:

Viberate completes ICO in record time

Viberate has officially joined some of the most successful crypto projects to date. Read more: