Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Tag: Trulioo

Trulioo’s GlobalGateway can now verify five billion people worldwide

RegTech 100 company Trulioo claims it is able to verify five billion people through its flagship electronic identity verification platform. Read More:

Compliance & risk officers can drive immense value thanks to RegTech

RegTech has turned compliance officers and risk officers into strategic decision makers who can ‘drive immense value’ according to Zac Cohen, general manager of Trulioo. Read More:

Trulioo & Acuant launch global identity tool for fraud prevention

RegTech 100 company Trulioo has partnered with Acuant to provide an identity solution for fraud prevention and AML/KYC compliance. Read More:

Trulioo’s KYB verification tool prevents fraud

Trulioo's new Global Business Verification tool uses AI to enable companies to authenticate a business in real time to clamp down on cybercrime and fraud. Read more:

5 startups rebooting regulation

FinTech has another cousin. The rise of InsurTech is running parallel to the rise of RegTech. Read more:

Trulioo expands into Korea with AML/KYC solution

Trulioo, an on-demand global identity verification company, has expanded coverage to the Republic of Korea with its GlobalGateway platform. Read more:

Why RegTech, why now?

Companies both big and small are looking across their regulatory frameworks to anticipate the impacts of these massive industry events. Read more: