Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Tag: US

California bill would legally recognize blockchain data

A new bill introduced to the California Assembly seeks the legal recognition of blockchain data and smart contracts. Read more: www.coindesk.com

Online lender BlockFi collects $1.5m in funding

BlockFi, which is a digital lender for cryptocurrency holders, has collected $1.55m in funding. Read more: fintech.global

Azlo launches its digital banking platform in the US

BBVA-backed Azlo, a digital banking platform for freelancers and self-employed workers, has launched its services in the US. Read more: fintech.global

Crypto regulation? Not anytime soon, says White House official

The White House cybersecurity coordinator said crypto regulation is still far from becoming a reality. Read more: www.coindesk.com

US regulators talk bitcoin’s generational impact

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. As cryptocurrency evolves, so does its relationship with government. Read more: www.ccn.com

BBVA-backed digital bank Azlo launches in the US

Azlo, a digital banking startup geared towards freelancers and the self-employed, has formally launched in the U.S., the company announced today. Read more: bankinnovation.net

ValueCash Launches ICO Backed By Decentralized & Self-Governing Blockchain That Allows...

Many credit card companies offer the moon to consumers such as free gifts or reward spending programs, but those perks seemed to be missing in the world of Cryptocurrency, that is, until now.

New York-based DailyPay nets $9m Series B

DailyPay, which enables employees to have real-time access to their wages, has closed a $9m Series B funding round. Read more: fintech.global

Algorand collects $4m seed to support open-source service launch

Blockchain-based payments platform Algorand has bagged a $4m Seed financing round from Pillar and Union Square Ventures. Read more: fintech.global

WebPT acquires billing company BMS Practice Solutions

Rehab therapy support company WebPT has acquired billing and collections company BMS Practice Solutions, in an undisclosed deal. Read more: fintech.global