Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Tag: USA

Trump task force to aid crypto crime investigations

President Trump has signed an executive order establishing a new task force that targets consumer fraud, including those involving "digital currency". Read more:

How can North America compete in global InsurTech boom?

North America (primarily the US) is leading the way in terms of the total value and number of deals, accounting for $1.24 billion and 46% of the deals last year. Read more:

The EU Is about to flex its muscles

Military historians the world over have observed the folly of trying to fight a war on two fronts. Read more:

UK FinTechs named in annual UK to US trade mission

The Department for International Trade announced that after a competitive recruitment process, 15 UK delegates have been selected to join the UK trade mission in NYC. Read more:

Ex-CFTC Chief: even Republicans are pushing for crypto regulation

The former head of the CFTC is speaking out about what he sees as the broad interest U.S. politicians have in regulating the crypto markets. Read more:

Reg A+ may soon be available for publicly traded firms

A new bill in Congress may impact Reg A+ utilization – the crowdfunding rule that allows issuers to raise up to $50m in a scaled disclosure environment. Read more:

FinTech charter debate boils on

OCC's controversial proposal to grant special banking charters to FinTech firms continues to be debated. Read more:

The ‘Pandora of FinTech’: Chaikin Analytics

Chaikin emerged from retirement to found Chaikin Analytics, a FinTech company guiding individual and institutional investors toward objective, unbiased stock investments. Read more:

NY preschools accept bitcoin and ether for tuition payments

Two private preschools in New York City now allow parents to pay for tuition with bitcoin, ether and litecoin. Read more:

Arizona’s blockchain bill passes Senate

The Senate of Arizona has passed a bill relating to the blockchain that would give smart contracts and blockchain signatures legal binding status. Read more: