Top 100 global RegTech companies announced in list identifying those driving innovation to the sector

The top 100 RegTech companies have been named in a new list completed by FinTech Global, to identify the companies every financial institution needs to know about in 2018.

Within the RegTech 100, almost half of the companies were located within either the UK or US, showing their dominance of the sector is not as strong as believed. Ireland, Switzerland and Australia also saw a big percentage of the list, accounting for 21 of the companies in the list.

Several other countries showed signs of their impact in the sector with companies from, Brazil, Bermuda, South Africa, Cyprus, India and the United Arab Emirates among some of the countries represented in the list.

RegTech is well regarded as one of the biggest and most important sectors within the FinTech world. The final list was selected after an analysis of 416 companies was completed by a panel of industry experts, which identified the companies improving efficiency and performance for financial institutions’ compliance processes.

The companies featured in the report offer solutions tackling issues across the compliance process, including onboarding, monitoring, detection, reporting and process control.

Alongside the announcement of the RegTech 100, the Global RegTech Review has been launched. The report offers company profiles of all the companies featured in the top 100 list, as well as detailed analytics of the global market.

The RegTech 100 list can be found at